Oconee River Basin Water Quality, as published by the EPA

Hydrograph of Oconee River at Milledgeville, GA, as published by the USGS (U.S. Geological Survey). This has rainfall and flow information.

Georgia Lake Levels, published by NOAA (National Oceanic & Atmospheric Administration)

FERC (Federal Energy Regulatory Commission) meeting schedule

Georgia Department of Transportation Road Projects by County (you need Adobe Acrobat Reader to see this page)

Ground Water Conditions in Georgia, put out by USGS

Lake Oconee Fishing Report on Georgia Outdoor News

Georgia Power Mercury Emissions from Plant Branch on Lake Sinclair

Georgia Power Dredging Report for 2000











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January 7, 2001: Macon telegraph publishes article on upcoming water wars in Georgia. Title: "Georgia Water Woes: Vital resource at risk."

February 8, 2001: Macon telegraph publishes article entitled "Ga. sues Army Corps over Lake Lanier."

February 11, 2001: Atlanta Journal-Constitution publishes editorial entitled "Georgia's waters belong to the people."

February 25, 2001: Macon Telegraph publishes article on the alarm caused by the proposed Ritz-Carlton and associated water withdrawal on Lake Oconee. Entitled "Property owners, EPD concerned about proposal." Mentions LOPOA (Lake Oconee Property Owners Association).

February 25, 2001: Macon Telegraph publishes article on the Ritz-Carlton, entitled "Resort aims to be oasis for wealthy in Middle Georgia"

March 6, 2001: AJC publishes editorial on state water issues entitled "Big picture on water: State needs water policy with statewide focus."

March 25, 2001: Macon Telegraph publishes article "Lake Oconee withdrawals under scrutiny."



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