March 3, 2000: Georgia Power asked the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission, on behalf of Reynolds Plantation, to allow Reynolds to increase its water withdrawal from the lake. FERC document number 2036075.

May, 2000: Concerned citizens discover water withdrawal request on FERC's web site.

June, 2000: Lake Oconee residents organize to oppose water withdrawal request.

June 20, 2000: Office of Environmental Policy and Compliance, Department of Interior writes a letter to The Secretary of the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission notifying FERC that they intended to comment on the Georgia Power/Reynolds water withdrawal request.

June 24, 2000: Local homeowner, Gene Hinson, files Motion to Intervene in water withdrawal.

June 28, 2000: Local homeowners Larry, Jenny, and Laura Moore file Motion to Intervene in water withdrawal.

July 17, 2000: Office of Environmental Policy and Compliance, Department of Interior writes FERC to say that they have no comments. See FERC document number 2073938.

October 13, 2000: FERC completes Environmental Assessment and concludes that the proposed water withdrawal would have no significant impact on the environment. FERC document number 2096146.

November 6, 2000: Double Branches Homeowners Association files a comment opposing the proposed water withdrawal. FERC document number 2103308

November 10, 2000: American Rivers, an environmental non-profit, comments on the Draft Environmental Assessment, opposing the proposed water withdrawal. FERC document number 2103436.

November, 2000: Noel David, local homeowner, files objection to FERC's environmental assessment. FERC document number 2103169.

November, 2000: Douglas Gregory, local homeowner, files complaint against water withdrawal request. FERC document number 2103365.

November 22, 2000: City of Greensboro requests 3.312 million gallons per day from the Lake Oconee. FERC document number 2114897.

December 4, 2000: Civil Engineering Consultants, Inc. (on behalf of Reynolds Plantation) files comment with FERC. Comment supports the Draft Environmental Assessment and the proposed water withdrawal. FERC document number 2109628.

December 4, 2000: Reynolds' attorney Christopher Fontecchio files comment with FERC supporting the Draft Environmental Assesment. FERC document number 2108140.

December 14, 2000: EPA announces plans to reduce mercury emissions from power plants. Georgia Power's Plant Branch on Lake Sinclair currently emits over one pound a day of mercury into the atmosphere. Many people believe this is the cause of mercury in the waters of Lake Oconee and Sinclair. Mercury concentrations in large bass in our lake has risen big enough that there is a state advisory to eat no more than one large bass a week. Announcement

December 15, 2000: Georgia Power responds to Les Reed's comment that they have been operating Sinclair Dam in violation of its operating license. Georgia Power admits to violating its operating license on 21 occasions but claims it has the right to do so. FERC document number 2110897.

December 22, 2000: Lester Reed files letter with FERC in reponse to Reynolds attorney Mr. Christopher Fontecchio's December 1, 2000 letter to FERC. FERC document number 2111969.

January 18, 2001: Reynolds attorney Mr. Christopher Fontecchio files letter with FERC asking them to disregard Les Reed's letter of December 22, 2000. FERC document number 2118588.

February 7, 2001: FERC issues an order granting in part a complaint that claimed Georgia Power Corporation had operated the Sinclair Dam Project out of compliance with the operating license. FERC document number 2123565.

February 14, 2001: Les Reed files letter with FERC on Reynolds request. This letter points out that on several occasions, GPC has not been able to meet minimum outflows at Sinclair Dam. FERC document number 2124248.

February 24, 2001: Les Reed files a request for a rehearing on FERC's February 7 order.

March 1, 2001: Reynolds files another comment with the FERC on the proposed water withdrawal, responding to Les Reed's comment of February 13, 2001. FERC document number 2129790.












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Sinclair Dam History

January 17, 1997: GPC requests amendment to license allowing them to release 85% of the inflow if the inflow falls below a certain number. FERC document number 170708.

October 10, 1997: FERC grants amendement to license. FERC document number 1791804.

April 26, 1999: In a letter to FERC, GPC submits results of studies on how to improve estimation of inflow to Sinclair Dam. FERC document number 1945617.

May 21, 1999: FERC responds by agreeing with GPC's changes. FERC document number 1951154.